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Town of Pittsfield, NH Landmarks - Houses, Schools etc.

Based upon the opinions of Pittsfield  NH resident

Paul Oman

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You know a community by its landmarks. Pittsfield, NH is no exception.

The following landmarks are the essence of the Pittsfield, New Hampshire community.  Know them

and you know the town



pittsfield nh



Located in Central New Hampshire, Pittsfield glory days were during the early 20th century when this mill town served as a local commercial and educational hub to the surrounding farming communities. Traces of those days remain visible still in this hard working, blue collar community located 20 minutes away from Concord, NH, the state's capital.


Most folks come to Pittsfield by way of Concord, Manchester and the Epsom traffic circle. That puts them on Rt 28 North. There are

five exits off of Rt 28 in Pittsfield (which is less than a mile from Rt 28), but Concord Hill is the first and it is marked with this distinctive sign.



pittsfield nh shots

The Pittsfield marketplace sign is dated 2000. Artist unknown.

The sign has a 2001 NH Sign Permit sticker that hasn't been updated/renewed since.

Concord Hill in Pittsfield, NH becomes Main Street and then Road. Most of the town's landmarks are a stone's throw apart

along Main Street.....

pittsfield nh dam

Crest Concord Hill and there below you is the Suncook River dam. The road curves in front of the dam crossing a bridge and putting you into downtown Pittsfield, NH.

Pittsfield, NH as always been a 'Mill Town' and various dams have existed in this location. This current one was built in 1920. Although I cannot confirm it, I believe a shot of this dam was in the opening scenes of the TV show, Peyton Place.

main st pittsfield nh

Just two or three properties past the Pittsfield dam and up the Hill (factory hill) on the left, is the

Congregational Church of Pittsfield, NH.....


Erected in 1876/77 after the previous wooden church was destroy by fire

more pittsfield nh

Practically across the street, on the right, is Pittsfield's Carpenter Library....

The William A. Butterfield designed Pittsfield library was erected in 1901 and was a gift to the community from

Mr. and Mrs. Josiah Carpenter.

Back on the left side, almost directly across the street from the Pittsfield NH library

is Dustin Park - with the civil war monument in front and both the Baptist Church and the old Pittsfield

Academy (now Mason Lodge and Pittsfield's Youth Center) side by side in the rear of the park.



church pittsfield nh













Pittsfield, NH Baptist Church


more pittsfield nh church












pittsfield nh school













Pittsfield, NH old school, Mason Lodge, Youth Center

pittsfield nh sign

And next to Dustin Park is

pittsfield nh church 2

Pittsfield's Episcopal Church

built 1864, consecrated 1866

Next the church is a bank and next to the bank.....


pittsfield nh 3















Wonderful Houses of Pittsfield

pittsfield nh sign 3


Pittsfield's Tuttle Mansion...

Built in 1875 in Pittsfield, NH by Hiram Tuttle who later became governor of New Hampshire.

Now quickly look back on the right side of Main Street - Pittsfield, nearly across the street from the Tuttle Mansion...

pittsfield nh police

pittsfield nh police sign

The old Grammar School is now the Pittsfield NH Police Department.

Across the street (back on the right side of Main St.) and maybe one building down

pittsfield nh church 4














is Pittsfield NH  Advent Church,

built in the early 1890s

and next door to that is...

pittsfield nh house


is the old Pittsfield, NH Community Center...

Back on the right side of the street, again just 2 or 3 buildings down,

town hall pittsfield nh


is the Pittsfield, NH Town Hall....

Another Pittsfield, NH building designed by William A. Butterfield, this structure was completed in 1890 and

served as a school for nearly a century.


pittsfield nh school sign

Not all of Pittsfield's landmarks are along Main Street...

pittsfield nh church 5

Pittsfield's Catholic Church is along the Suncook River, just before the Pittsfield Suncook River Dam..

built 1887....


pittsfield nh park


Drake Field is on the other side of the River from the Catholic Church. The Suncook River turns here so

two sides of the Field abut the river. The town boat ramp is just to the left of this picture. The river also runs in the back of this picture, just beyond where the grass ends.

In 1917 the children of Colonel James Drake donated the property to the town of Pittsfield, NH in honor of their father.

pittsfield nh graves


Pittsfield's Floral Park Cemetery is next door to Drake Field, but also across the river (with a bridge between the two).

In 1865 it was the new cemetery in Pittsfield NH. It still is the primary, 'active' cemetery in town.

pittsfield nh hs

Pittsfield High School is on the south side of down town Pittsfield, NH

pittsfield nh post office


The Pittsfield, NH Post Office (03263) is on a side street - about half a block off Main Street.

pittsfield nh rite aid

Almost across the street from Drake Field, and abutting Rt. 107 which makes a ninety degree turn here thus framing this property on two sides,

is Pittsfield's only 'chain' business in the downtown area, Rite Aid Pharmacy....




Globe Industries, a former  fourth generation family business is located on Rt. 28 and is Pittsfield's largest employer. They make high end fire suits.

Congratulations! You now know Pittsfield, NH as well as the natives!



The March 2014 four alarm fire at Rustic Crust

pizza dough factory

left 100 workers with no place to work


(Building was opposite Floral Park Cemetery

on the banks of the Suncook River)

pittsfield fire


pittsfield nh fire



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