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Pittsfield, NH Restaurants

(1/2020 - this site is out of date)


by Paul Oman

Places to eat and dine in and around Pittsfield.


Looking for a place to eat in Pittsfield, NH? Good Food!



donuts pittsfield nh

Above is the ubiquitous (at least in New England) Dunkin' Donuts. This is Pittsfield's only chain eating establishment and the only one located outside of downtown. It is situated on Route 28 which runs North/South just west of downtown PIttsfield.

pittsfield nh 2

Downtown Pittsfield is pretty small (but it does have an actual downtown that is more than just one or two streets). All the downtown restaurants are all within a block or two of each other. It is probably quicker to walk from one to another than drive and park. It is a 10 or 12 minute walk maximum to visit each of them.

Daddy O's - Next the the Pittsfield Player's building. Breakfast only 7 days a week. Ice cream, literally, on the side!

main st pittsfield nh

Ping Garden on Main Street - Chinese takeout (with a few tables and chairs). Open from lunch to late evening.

pittsfield nh 4

Town Pizza - (it is actually only the left half of the first floor of the building). Open for lunch and dinner. I haven't actually had their pizza. They have lots of other 'real food' items on the menu. A bit bare inside, but the wide menu (by Pittsfield standards) makes it a good stop.

pittsfield nh 5

Zoya's is owned by a former big city hotel chef. Another Main Street eating place. From a very up-scale opening menu, the fare has evolved into the more basic breakfast and lunch meals that we simple Yankee folk prefer. Now serves almost only breakfast and lunch, but from time to time (you never seem to know) - dinners too on Friday and/or Saturday. Delightful to sit in the window seats and watch the cars and people on Main Street pass by. 2011 - under new ownership - Now Jitters (check for new times/menu etc.)

pittsfield nh 6

Located just around the corner from Zoya's is Village Pizza. Serves pizza and 'related' food for lunch and dinner.

rt 107 in pittsfield nh

Jack's Pizza - located across from the Twin M food store and Rite Aid Pharmacy. Limited seating (obviously). Lunch and dinner.

Other Eating Options

I'll admit it, the eating options in Pittsfield are limited, but there is good news. There are other, bigger options just over the town line. Heading south on Route 28 from the Pittsfield Dunkin Donuts for a distance of about 6 miles takes you past four good size restaurants (meaning they can probably seat 50 or more people). At the south end of the 6 miles is the Epsom traffic circle and at the Circle (or very near it) is another pizza place, two of those four mentioned restaurants, another Dunkin' Donuts and three fast food chain restaurants.

Another 80 miles due south will get you to Boston......

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